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My ComUnified

If you have questions, comments or problems with, the corresponding website or the Desktop SMS software, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at:

Out support team will help you as soon as possible. (usually no later than 2 business days)

Please do not forget to include a email adress as well as another way to contact you (e.g. phone).

Please note that our support team will not ask you any more personal informations than your username and cell phone number.

If you provide us with the above information we will be able to serve you much faster.

thank you.

your team


In the following, we have listed the most common questions and answers with respect to using :

  • Question 1: How do I register?
    Answer: On the registration page there are 2 VERY important fields in which you need to enter your mobile number in the correct format in order to create an account with
    • 1. Field "Country code": Here you need to select the countrycode from the country where your phone is registered in. (e.g." Germany (+49)")
    • 2. Field "Cell phone no.": Here you need to enter your mobile number with the mobile prefix (not the country code) (e.g. "0123 987654)
    • In the example above this would imply that your mobile phone no. in international format would be: "+49123987654"
    • ATTENTION: If you don't enter the correct mobile number you can NOT ACTIVATE your account!
  • Question 2: Even though I enter the International Prefix the message does not arrive?
    Answer: You need to format the number you send the SMS to in the following format (example):
    • Country Code Germany: "49"
    • mobile prefix: "0123"
    • mobile number: "987654"
    • Now you need to send messages to: +49123987654
      • In general it works like this:
        • 1. add a "+" to the country code
        • 2. remove a leading "0" of the mobile prefix (only if there exists a zero!)
        • 3. add the mobile phone number.
      • If you send to your home country (the country where your phone is registered) you can leave out the country code with the "+" since the system will automatically enter your own country code to a mobile number if it does not contain a country code.
  • Question 3: What kind of characters may I use? Why do my message reach the recipient distorted?
    Answer: You can only use characters from the international GSM Alphabet. Please click HERE to view a list of allowed characters.
  • Question 4: Do I need to have a registered account with before installing the Software?
    Answer: No. You can just download and install the Software. Upon first run of the application, you can select, if you want to register a new account or enter your existing account data.
  • Question 5: Where do i find my invoices?
    Answer: If you are looged on to you will find "orders" in "My ComUnified". Here you can see all your orders. If you click on a order, a new window will open, containing the corresponding invoice. At the right bottom of the invoice there is a Icon to print a copy of your incoive.
  • Question 6: Where can i see the message status?
    Answer: If you are logged into "My ComUnified" and click on "Outbox" you will find a list of all messages send.
    Please note that the status of the messages is only indicative, since not all mobile carriers provide this information. On the right side of the messages you will see different images:
    • = Message successfully transmitted to recipient (or mobile network)
    • = Message buffered or received (May the recipients phone is off, or the number is wrong)
    • = Message could not be delivered (Wrong number, no GSM Phone etc.)
  • Question 7 : How many SMS can i deliver at once?
    Answer: With ComUnified you can send up to 100 SMS at once. This applies for the plugin as well as the website. Please note that you seperate the recipients with a colon (";") when sending through the website.
  • Question 8 : Why does my own number not appear when I send and SMS to a recipient in the USA?
    Answer: Due to USA and Canadian Telecomuncations regulations it is not possible to submit your own mobile number to the recipient. Your SMS will the submitted with a generic number. Replies to these SMS are not possible. Due to the same restrictions it is not possible to send SMS with "reply to my inbox" to US or Canadian recipients.


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